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Formed after the fall of |S.T.F|, -ZeS- took over protecting the citizens from zombie outbreaks.

The infection has spread more quickly then first anticipated and the -ZeS- has been spread thin over the world.

The -ZeS- Charter

The purpose of the Zombie Exterminating Specialists Clan is to bring together people of like minds and a common goal or perfecting the art of zombie extermination and saftey protocols. However in times of little to no cases, the group's purpose is running simulations of effective combat against the infection. There fore, outlined are the goals that the staff and members of ZeS are to strive for:

1. A safe environment in which to participate in training excersices (games).

2. To enjoy said training exercises (games).

3. And to promote the overall well being of the human race from the living dead infection.

As to meet these goals, the rules that are listed below have been established so that members and staff alike can enjoy there stay with ZeS:

1. For non-members wishing to join the clan, please refer to the link provided for all information regarding submitting an application.

2. Now while some joking and making fun of each other is acceptable, some people have smaller tolerances than others. If you feel someone has gone to far, say something! We're not mind readers! If the problem persists, and you feel you have been treated with disrespect, take logs/screencaps/whatever you need, and report to either and Chris or Ark, and matters will be investigated.

3. This is NOT a democracy. You are more than welcome to SUGGEST things, but when it comes to decisions, Chris will always have the final say. If you aren't happy with it, there's the door.

4. Not everyone gets along, and thats understandable! If someone you'd like to play with is playing with someone you know you don't get along with, be the bigger person and simply abstain from playing with that person. You'll save everyone alot of problems.